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The new era of washrooms

Nordic inspiration, material innovation

Woodio® embodies contemporary Finnish interior and design excellence by seamlessly merging the rich heritage of Nordic design traditions with pioneering bio-material innovation. All products are meticulously crafted using Woodio®, the world's first 100% waterproof solid wood composite designed to revolutionise the conventional use of ceramic and stone materials - all while championing sustainability at its core.

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Yes, it's wood.

How Woodio® is made

Eco-resin binders

Wood chips are combined with environmentally-friendly resin binders for strength, then sealed to achieve complete water resistance.

Wood chips

Aspen wood chips are sourced from PEFC/SFC certified forests in the Baltic area, whereas birch wood chips come from the Finnish forest industry’s sidestreams.

Inspired by the elements

Available in organic wood and naturally dyed, water-soluble stain colours inspired by the breathtaking Finnish forests.

Made in Finland

Woodio is committed to environmentally-conscious, enduring design. Products are sustainably crafted in the factory in Helsinki, respecting the environment at every stage.

Woodio Story

Form follows function


Woodio® combines the best of Nordic design principles with the use of bio-material innovation - all while staying true to our heritage "form follows function". Woodio's commitment to crafting beautiful and timeless designs is an intrinsic part of it's identity, reflecting a deep-rooted appreciation for all things sustainable, including the approach to design.

Design Philosophy