Woodio® central to washroom scheme at Material Source Studio, Glasgow

For the washrooms of the newly opened Material Source Studio in Glasgow, co-founder and creative director, Darren Clanford sought to use products in unanticipated ways.

Central to the scheme are washbasins from Woodio® UK, supplied by Rena, epitomising how a traditional material such as wood has been completely reimagined for use in contemporary commercial interiors.

Material Source Studio, which as well as its Glasgow location also has an inspirational hub in Manchester, supports the UK’s entire built environment community of architects, designers, and property professionals.

Everything about the unique destinations are beautiful and useful in equal measure. And so, this same set of values applied to balancing aesthetics with function for the design of the washroom setting at the Scotland Studio.

At the centre of the scheme

A deep, dappled palette of burnt orange and grey was chosen by Darren, with the Woodio® Soft40 tabletop basins providing the visual catalyst for the entire scheme.

The expertise of Concept Cubicle Systems was enlisted to install the Woodio® washbasins, and block wall hung toilets in Clay, as well as to craft a complementary PaperStone vanity top, and design and fit-out a full cubicle system to coincide.

Curve Privacy cubicles were used with the pilasters powder coated to further reflect the overarching palette.

Inspired by nature

Mirroring the natural, textural appearance of the Woodio® basins, created through the organic formation of the woodchips within, a wallcovering – Antique Copper - was selected from fellow Material Source Studio partner, Altro.

The design adorning the walls features an almost tortoise shell patterning, with Darren placing individual spotlights to highlight elements of both the rich depths and lighter tones, resulting in a smoke-like, swirling effect with pace and movement. Working harmoniously with the various shades of orange within the design, this adds an extra pinch of the unexpected.

Wholly mirroring the values of the client, Material Source Studio, this washroom scheme offers visitors a dose of design inspiration at every turn, presenting a creative vision that you certainly don’t see every day.

A desire to disrupt

Initially created with a desire to disrupt the existing interiors market, Woodio® has innovation and ingenuity at its heart. Its co-founder, Petro Lahtinen, became keen to offer a much more sustainably sound, carbon friendlier alternative to the ceramic products
traditionally used in washroom schemes.

And after a successful period of trialling and testing, Woodio® was introduced to the Finnish market in 2015.

Woodio® UK, distributed by Rena, offers this inventive collection of washbasins and WCs to the UK market for the first time.

The ideal combination of unparalleled design aesthetics and strong eco credentials, this is wood, but not as you know it.

Find out more about Material Source Studio Glasgow here. And to discover how Woodio® UK could help add an unexpected twist to your next scheme, please get in touch.

Images: David Watson / Renders: Concept Cubicle Systems