Meet Laura Dixon, business development manager, Woodio® UK

Meet Laura Dixon, business development manager, Woodio® UK

As the first, and exclusive, distributor of Woodio® washroom and bathroom products here in the UK, we understand that you will likely have questions. Are the basins, baths, and toilets really made from wood? Are they waterproof? Do you do custom colours and sizes? What are the brand’s sustainability credentials?

With Woodio® being unlike anything else on the market currently, this is understandable. And it’s the reason we have a team in place to support with any queries you might have to ensure the best product combination possible is created for your unique commercial or domestic interior schemes.

In this post, we introduce you to Laura Dixon, business development manager for Woodio® UK, so you can put a face and a name to the expertise we have available to you. Read on to find out more about Laura, her professional background, and how she is collaborating with Finland, our clients, customers, and peers, to communicate the many wonders of Woodio® to the UK.


Firstly, can you please give us a brief overview of your professional background?

“Before joining Rena – the exclusive distributor of Woodio® in the UK, I enjoyed a career in the domestic interior design sector, focusing, mainly, on high-end wall coverings and bespoke window dressings.”


What drew you to Woodio® UK?

“In short, I love the products. They are something completely different – the fact these washbasins, baths, and toilets are made from wood, while being textural and colourful too, appeals on so many levels. The products suit a variety of interiors, both commercial and domestic, and as we’re seeing the brand grow and really resonate with UK customers, it’s exciting to see all the creative ways in which they are being used in schemes.”


What's your remit as business development manager?

“My focus is to support you, our clients and customers, in really getting to know the products in terms of what’s offered as part of the Core and Made To Order collections, the colour and size options available, plus sharing the brand’s impressive sustainability story. The response we’ve had so far from designers and homeowners has been fantastic – speaking to people about what we do and why, and receiving such positive feedback, is a real joy.”

What are the key features of Woodio® UK for the commercial interiors sector?

“Woodio® products are truly unique – there’s nothing else like them on the market. So first and foremost, they offer originality. Unique aesthetics are created from the material’s textural base of wood chips and resin-based adhesive to enhance durability, combined with a colour palette of tones ranging from pared-back and organic-inspired, to bold, jewelled shades.

“All Woodio® products are responsibly manufactured, and hand finished as part of a low-carbon crafting process in Finland. And when they come to the end of their useful life, they can be crushed and repurposed, avoiding landfill.

“In addition to the features of the products themselves, we offer a seamless service including a short turnaround – particularly on our Core collection – in order to meet tight project timescales.”


And what are the benefits for homeowners?

“The same benefits apply to homeowners – by opting for a Woodio® washbasin, toilet, or bath, an unparalleled statement can be made. With four different basin options, plus nine colours to choose from, a completely custom design can be dreamt up regardless of your creative vision. 

“We also offer free UK delivery and a 5-year warranty on all products.”


Can you tell us about the two Woodio® UK launch collections?

“Our Core collection comprises four styles of table top basin: Soft40, Soft60, Cube40 and Cube60 in three versatile colours: Polar, Char and Natural.

“Our Made To Order range includes all other basin styles in the remaining six colours. Plus, the block wall hung toilet, and freestanding bath, in all nine colours.”



Do the basins, baths and toilets come in any colour and size combination?

“The rimless block wall hung toilet is available in one contemporary design, as is the freestanding bath. And both are offered in the nine custom colourways.”


What's your favourite product combination?

“My favourite basin is the Soft60 tabletop in Moss, with the Clay colourway a close second.” 


Does the UK team work closely with the team in Finland?

“We have a close-knit working relationship with Woodio® in Finland – the team there have supported us with developing our product knowledge, as well as an understanding of the unique, low carbon manufacturing process it has pioneered 

“They are a fantastically passionate team who we speak to daily, and nothing is ever too much trouble. As exclusive distributors of the Woodio® products here in the UK, we too share this passion – it fuels our day-to-day.”

Can anyone order a sample of Woodio®? And where can they get one?

“A sample box featuring all colourways can be ordered directly through our website. Or please email the team on to ask for individual colours to be sent out – cutting down on any unnecessary waste.”


Can you tell us about any projects where Woodio® has been used recently? 

“Washbasins from Woodio® UK were recently used in a washroom scheme designed by Concept Cubicle Systems in collaboration with client Material Source’s co-founder and creative director, Darren Clanford, for its new Glasgow Studio.

“Epitomising how a traditional material such as wood can be completely reimagined for use in contemporary commercial interiors, the Woodio® Soft40 tabletop basins provided the visual catalyst for the entire scheme.

 “Block wall hung toilets in Clay were also chosen to complement the overarching palette of deep, dappled burnt orange and grey. 

“You can check out our case study here. And if you’re an architect or designer and want to see the Woodio® collections in person, head to the inspirational Material Source Studio Glasgow – no appointment needed.” 



Finally, what's next for Woodio® UK?

“Product-wise, we are soon to be launching more colour and shape options, offering you more choice for your projects – stay tuned for updates on this!

“Excitingly, the Woodio® washbasins were shortlisted for an Innovation Award at the kbb event in March. We are also looking forward to exhibiting at Grand Designs Live in London in May, and at HIX in November.

 “If you’re visiting any of these events, please drop us a line – we would love to meet you!”

If you’d like to chat to our team directly about the requirements of your next project, please get in touch on

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